About the Club

We are Seattle Cafessa, a US academy based in the Greater Seattle Area.  Our soccer program is for youth players from 8 to 19 years old.  We are part of US Youth Soccer and WA Youth Soccer Association

Our mission is to provide high quality training at an affordable cost.  We strive to ensure every player, at every economic level and cultural background is able to play the game of soccer! We want to be the source that provides the youth a foundation to learn, grow and stay on the right path throughout life.  


Seattle Cafessa

All Inclusive


Our Program

Our program is focused on the development and preparation of the youth. The program allows the opportunity for all ages and skills to continue developing through curriculum that is designed to focus on their specific level. We range from u10 all the way to u19. The program is a way of giving back to the community and intentionally pricing the seasonal costs to be affordable.

Seattle Cafessa

A soccer club offering a select program for the youth in the Greater Seattle Area and surrounding communities. We are part of the US Youth Soccer, WYSA, GRTYSA, NPSL, as well as ties to Cafessa Jalisco of the Liga Premier a in Jalisco, Mexico.


We look forward to seeing you!